“Susan Patron writes honest and true, and this, her final Lucky, feel truest of all. I loved it!”-Kathi Appelt, author of the Newbery Honor Book The Underneath
For eleven-year-old Lucky, the universe is full of questions. Is that mysterious woman at the Café Miles’s mom? Does Lucky’s father not talk to her because he hates her? Will the health department ruin everything? Is she really going to go to hell? The answers are, in no particular order: nearly, no, yes, and a big fat “who knows?”
     But answers are constantly evolving, and sometimes the biggest questions have no answers at all. The best Lucky can do is never give up on maybe understanding things a little better before she turns twelve. It will take a punch in the face (not her face), a near-Café disaster, a trip to the principal’s office, and both male and female sofas—but in the end, she’ll see that there are loopholes in life and, thankfully, in county health codes!
     The Hard Pan trilogy that began with the Newbery Medal–winning The Higher Power of Lucky concludes with Lucky and all of Hard Pan a little wiser and a lot closer to all our hearts.