August 6, 1943: In his brief career in the Office of Strategic Services, twenty-four-year-old Cletus Frade has already been involved in a lot of unusual situations, but nothing like the one he’s in now—standing with a German lieutenant colonel named Wilhelm Frogger in the middle of a miserably hot and remote Mississippi prisoner-of-war camp.

Frade’s job? Typical OSS: to help the un-cooperative Frogger escape. Frogger’s parents are in Frade’s custody in Argentina, because of their involvement in a secret German plan to establish postwar safe havens for senior Nazi officials in South America. But they’re being uncooperative, too, and it’s up to Frade to persuade the younger Frogger to help find out what they know. Before he was captured in Africa, Frogger was part of a conspiracy, its goal: to assassinate Adolf Hitler. If the OSS can use his knowledge and connections to nudge that plot along even just a little bit—they may be able to end this war right now.

But Frade is not the only one who knows about the Froggers. Even as he stands there in Mississippi, a troop of Germans and Argentinians, led by a Colonel Juan Perón, is on its way to kill the parents, and after them, the Germans are after Frade himself.