The legendary, bestselling fantasy saga that had millions spellbound now begins its newest chapter with Jarka Ruus—the captivating first book in the brand-new series.

Twenty years have passed since Grianne Ohmsford denounced her former life as the dreaded Ilse Witch—saved by the love of her brother, the magic of the Sword of Shannara, and the destruction of her evil mentor, the Morgawr. Now, fulfilling the destiny predicted for her by Walker Boh, she leads a new Druid Council dedicated to defending the Four Lands from anarchy and warfare. Yet despite her devotion to the greater good, Grianne still has enemies—those who cannot forget her reign of terror as the Ilse Witch and who covet her seat of power. When she vanishes suddenly, it falls to her young nephew, Pen Ohmsford; the faithful dwarf Tagwen; and the elf Ahren Elessedil, to undertake a perilous mission to save Grianne from a fate worse than death.