Panic fills the streets of 1756 London when the earth lurches forward and starts spinning out of control, leaving the city in total darkness. Is the end of the world at hand?
Agetta Lamian fears so. As the young housemaid of Dr. Sabian Blake, a scientist who possesses an ancient and powerful book called the Nemorensis, Agetta overheard his prophesy: This disaster is only a warning, for a deadly comet is headed straight for London.
Dr. Blake believes the comet will either end the world as he knows it or hearken a new age of scientific and spiritual enlightenment. But whatever the outcome, he must cope with the madness that grows in London as the comet approaches–as well as his fears that the Nemorensis’ power could be clouding his own reason and drawing dangerous spirits to his door. Soon even Agetta seems to have been seduced by the book, and to whom she ultimately delivers it will determine much more than just her fate.
G. P. Taylor has woven another thrilling tale of Good versus Evil, where fallen angels and dark spirits vie for allegiance during a time of treachery and deceit.