“While there are hundreds of advice books available today on saving for retirement and making your money last a lifetime, this how-to guide reaches deep into the heart of the Black culture. It shows readers that building a retirement nest egg, even if they have only a little money to start, is not that different from ‘the way our mothers and grandmothers dealt with food–take what they had and stretch it ’til there’s enough.’”    –Mary Beth Franklin, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

With economic uncertainty reaching unprecedented levels, Aaron W. Smith’s accessible nine-step plan to take control of your financial future will resonate whether you’re just starting out or finding yourself midlife with concerns about your retirement. In The Black will transform your retirement plans, regardless of income, by offering concrete advice on what opportunities are available and using real-life examples to illustrate how anyone can achieve their financial dreams be they middle-aged and facing debt or actively saving since their early twenties.