Savvy management consultant Tucker Sinclair is trying to get her own firm off the ground in Los Angeles. But when you’re mixed up in a private investigator’s business, trouble is always a prospect. . . .

Tucker Sinclair is a free woman. She’s finally escaped corporate life to run her own consulting firm. But with freedom comes unpredictability. What was supposed to be a short stint helping private investigator Charley Tate get his practice established turns into a full-time job. Charley pushes her to go beyond the call of duty–to try to save not only his business, but possibly his life.

It all starts when Eve Lawson stumbles into the Tate Investigations office to find out who is following her. But who would want to follow a bland writer with a wardrobe hopelessly stuck in the eighties? But Tucker and Charley soon learn that they’ve struck gold when this far-fetched case explodes into murder–and Eve Lawson, who’s gone missing, is the prime suspect. The troubled daughter of a real estate tycoon, Eve’s memoir may have rattled a few skeletons in the family closet. Tucker is on the case–and not even LA traffic can stop her. . . .