Record deficits. Socialist spending sprees. A reckless foreign policy. And an American economy racing toward bankruptcy. Joe Scarborough tells us how Republican leaders in Washington got us here and why Democrats are making things so much worse.

The Last Best Hope moves the American conservative movement into the new century by reviving the forgotten genius of Burke, Kirk, and Buckley. It is more than a blueprint for conservatives’ return to power. It is a road map that is guaranteed to return America to greatness.

Four years ago, Joe Scarborough warned his own party that reckless spending would wreck the economy and ruin their majority. Today, his warning to the GOP is even more direct. The Republican Party must reform or die. Conservatives will no longer blindly follow party bosses who continue to betray their values and weaken their country. With The Last Best Hope, Joe Scarborough begins a new chapter in the conservative movement, and offers hope for a new day for America.