The Man with No Face is coming.
CSI Darby McCormick find an emaciated, terrified woman hiding in the shadows of a crime scene. A DNA search reveals the woman was abducted five years ago and, somehow, she’s escaped the dungeon in which she was caged. With a teenage girl also missing, Darby knows the clock is ticking and this woman is their only lead. But what she doesn’t know is that this is a serial killer who has been prowling America for decades. A killer who Darby knows. The Man with No Face. Once, long ago, he tore her life apart. Now he wants to finish the job.
“Scare story, scary talent. I love this book.”—Lee Child
“I devoured The Missing in one greedy, breathless sitting. This is a scary, breakneck ride with thrills that never let up.”—Tess Gerritsen
The Missing is an absolutely gripping mix of suspense and mystery . . . Compelling, thrilling and touching.”—Michael Connelly