Master storyteller Patricia C. McKissack transports us to the front porch–a place where lightning bugs flash, lemonade is poured, and tales about slickster-tricksters are an every-night treat for the whole family to enjoy.
Here you can listen to “porch lies”–tales filled with humor and exaggeration–about characters like:

·A one-of-a-kind trickster, Dooley Hunter, who tells such a whopper at the State Liars’ Contest that it becomes known as the best lie ever told.
·A downright wily individual by the name of Noble “Cake” Norris, who some folks believe may have died twenty-seven times.
·A little old lady slickster folks call Aunt Gran, who comes face to face with Frank and Jesse James, the two most notorious outlaws in America.

Rich in African American history, these unforgettable tales range from sidesplittingly funny to spine-chillingly spooky. So hop on the porch swing and listen up–there’s a story just starting. . . .