The vast majority of small businesses stay small–and not by choice. Only the most savvy and persistent break through to annual sales above $250 million. In THE BREAKTHROUGH COMPANY, Keith McFarland pinpoints how everyday companies become extraordinary, showing that luck is a negligible factor. Rather, breakthrough success turns out to be associated with a clearly identifiable set of strategies and skills that anyone in any business can emulate–from small startup to industry leader.

McFarland spent five years building and analyzing the world’s largest growth-company performance database and interviewing more than 1,500 growth-company executives on four continents. His goal was simple: to identify the secrets of breakthrough. THE BREAKTHROUGH COMPANY is the result. Winnowing a study pool of more than 7,000 companies down to nine that have made the transition to major-player status, McFarland highlights real-world tools and myth-busting insights that can be used by anyone wanting his or her business to join this exclusive circle.

With powerful, specific action steps shared–as well as invaluable advice from business leaders who’ve taken their companies to extraordinary levels of growth and profitability–THE BREAKTHROUGH COMPANY is one of the most provocative, inspiring, and instructive business books ever.