What truth is worth dying for?

When Gemma Bastian receives a telex that her archaeologist father has been found dead in Cairo, she travels to Egypt to bury his ashes and close his affairs. As she sifts through her father’s office, she stumbles upon clues to his last and most closely guarded project. Gemma becomes convinced that his death was not natural, and that he was involved in a great archaeological discovery, one that many want to stay buried, one that might change the Christian world forever.

Beset by ominous warnings and threats to her safety, Gemma presses on in her investigation, finding herself caught in an intricate web of belief and betrayal in which she is fighting to rebuild not only her own shattered life but a faith that was lost to all of humanity. Here is the story of resurrection in its many forms: of a dead father, of a love between a man and a woman, of a world ravaged by war, of a faith that might have been.

RESURRECTION draws on actual events surrounding the discovery of the Lost Gospels of Nag Hammadi. Around these remarkable events, Tucker Malarkey has crafted a suspenseful and eye-opening tale of love and war, religion and murder.