Awards & Recognition BOT’s Best Audiobooks of 2017: Does your library offer this year’s top titles on audio?

Listen to clips from all of our 2017 all-star audios on “Best Of” lists pulled from the country’s top publications, including The New York Times, Booklist, AudioFile Magazine, LibraryReads, and more.

Click the covers below to learn more about these outstanding audios and listen to clips!

LibraryReads Favorite of Favorites
Booklist Editors’ Choice: Audio for Adults
Booklist selected four incredible BOT listens for their best of the year picks.
View the complete list of Editors’ Choice audiobooks here.

New York Times Notable Books
Here is a selection of this year’s notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, chosen by the editors of The New York Times Book Review. View our featured collection for a full list of Notable Books available on audio from BOT.



AudioFile's Best Audiobooks 2017
Here are just some of the BOT titles from the Best Of list selected by AudioFile. Explore AudioFile’s full list of Best Audiobooks here.



Slate's Top Audios of the Year
Slate selected 8 audiobooks for their best audiobooks list, including an incredible collection of short stories by award-winning author James McBride, and a deeply moving memoir about a father and son’s transformative literary journey. View Slate’s full list of picks here.

“[James] McBride…writes old-fashioned short stories with real endings, populated by strongly drawn characters…The stellar assortment of narrators chosen to read these tales (many of which are told in the first person) clearly seized on their roles with a brio equal to that of the man who wrote them. Each story builds an entire world.”—Slate

“[Author Daniel] Mendelsohn, a classicist, describes the year his 82-year-old father asked to sit in on his college course on Homer’s Odyssey and the cruise the two men later took to the sites mentioned in the poem…[Narrator Bronson] Pinchot’s unaffected, even humble warmth makes a lovely counterpart to the elegant looping of Mendelsohn’s clauses and ideas. Pinchot teases forth the intimacy of the story, accentuating how Mendelsohn seeks to link what can seem like a remotely ancient literary artifact to eternal human experiences.”—Slate

Ari Fliakos is Audible's Narrator of the Year!
“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Ari Fliakos can do no wrong when it comes to narrating audiobooks…[He] has that effortless ‘cool-guy-voice’—a voice that leaves you hanging on every word…From his work on the unique and hilarious Spoonbenders to Grisham’s blockbuster The Rooster Bar…Fliakos has us asking once again, ‘what’s next?'”—Laura Michaels, Audible Editor

Hear clips from Ari’s must-listen narrations here, including these outstanding audios:

Audible’s Best of the Year Winners

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