Lilli Thal

Lilli Thal was born in 1960 in Erlangen, Germany, and now resides in a small town north of Bavaria, near Nuremberg, with her husband and two children. She enjoys taking walks with the dog, hiking, playing poker with the family (only for chocolate money!), and, of course, reading. Thal's inspiration for Mimus was simply the question: What would happen if a prince had to play a fool? Her first intention has always been to tell a thrilling adventure story, and with her background as a medieval historian, the Middle Ages were a natural backdrop for the story. The book is a mixture of fantasy and history to the extent that one could say "It could have been that way," in contrast with a historical novel, where the people and story are fictional but the setting is historically accurate.

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Author: Lilli Thal | Narrator: Maxwell Caulfield
Release Date: March 13, 2007
War has cast its cold shadow over the kingdom of Moltovia, but finally, peace appears to be at hand. Prince Florin races to join his father at the joyous banquet in the court of their former enemy, but is greeted by betrayal. Spared the dungeon that ...
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List Price: $59.50
ISBN: 9780739355053
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