Awards & Recognition August’s LibraryReads Are The Perfect Finish to the Summer

From the sweet summer story HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOPto the thrilling science-fiction adventure THE CLOCKWORK DYNASTY, your patrons will be clamoring to finish out the summer with these excellent listens. With the end-of-summer blues just around the corner, perk up your patron’s interest with these intriguing titles and remind them that LibraryReads also make great listens.

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By Veronica Henry
Read by Fiona Hardingham


LibraryReads review:  “When Emilia’s father dies, she returns to her small English village, takes over his beloved bookshop, and begins working through both her grief and the myriad renovations and changes the store needs. The author weaves stories of multiple village residents and their romantic travails and triumphs. I admired the well-crafted nature of this story, with the interwoven storylines offering wide variety without becoming scattered or straining to remain believably interrelated. All in all, just lovely.” —Carol Reich, Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, OR

Why try the audio? Book lovers and romantics alike will fall for Henry’s charming U.S. debut that provides listeners a getaway to Nightingale Books in a picturesque English town. Skillful narrator Fiona Hardingham brings to life struggling bookshop owner Emilia and the enthralling group of customers that have become an important part of Emilia’s life. Henry has weaved a heartwarming story of hope, community, and the power that books can have in even the hardest of times.

Advance praise for HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP:

“A gorgeous escapist read.” — Good Housekeeping (UK)

 “Henry’s sweet novel, filled with likable characters and shaped by a love of books, will appeal to fans of tender fiction who find bliss in bookstores and libraries.” — Booklist Review

By Michael Poore
Read by Mark Bramhall


LibraryReads review: “A witty and fascinating look at reincarnation. Milo has been reincarnated more than any other human. He’s been enjoying his lives and grown wise without quite achieving perfection, the ultimate goal. He is absolutely in love with Death, who’d rather just be called Suzi and ultimately would like to settle down and run a candle shop. Unfortunately, he comes to find out there’s actually a limit on how many chances you get at perfection. A moving and lovely story about love, meditation, the journey of life, and becoming the best person you can be.” —Jessica Trotter, Capital District Libraries, Lansing, MI

Why try the audio? Poore’s hysterically profound tale that takes listeners across time and space promises not only a story of true love, but also a relatable reflection on life itself. Narrator Bramhall guides listeners through protagonist Milo’s reincarnations as he seeks immortality so that he be with his true love, Death herself, or as Milo calls her, Suzie. Bramhall masters this story’s combination of dark humor and deep wisdom that is as enjoyable as it is thought-provoking.

 Advance praise for REINCARNATION BLUES:

“Tales of gods and men akin to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as penned by a kindred spirit of Douglas Adams.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Thoroughly enjoyable, REINCARNATION BLUES is a tour de force of imagination and humor and a genuinely life-affirming tale.” – Booklist Review (starred review)

By Fiona Davis
Read by Brittany Pressley and Saskia Maarleveld


 LibraryReads review:  “In New York City in the 1880s, Sara Smythe emigrates from England to manage a new apartment building, the Dakota. She soon becomes the lover of the architect, Theodore Camden. After Sara murders Theodore, she is sent to an insane asylum which is infiltrated by journalist Nellie Bly. A second story line also takes place at the Dakota, but this time in 1985. Bailey is hired to renovate the apartment after she gets out of rehab and uncovers mysterious secrets and her personal connections to Camden. This suspenseful book provides a fascinating look at the history of New York during this period.” —Maggie Holmes, Richards Memorial Library, North Attleboro, MA

 Why try the audio? Following the success of her debut novel, The Dollhouse, Davis once again captivates listeners with all that can happen behind famous New York City walls. This time around, Davis has chosen an apartment house called The Dakota that connects two women: one in the 1880s at the start of the building’s history and one in the 1980s. Narrators Pressley and Maareleveld take on the roles of these two struggling women who must confront The Dakota’s secrets head-on.

 Advance praise for THE ADDRESS:

“Rich both in twists and period detail, this tale of big-city ambition is impossible to put down.” —People


By Daniel H. Wilson
Read by David Guintoli and Claire Coffee


LibraryReads review: “When an inventor, employed by Peter the Great, creates two human-like clockwork automaton robots using anima discovered near a stream, he has no idea about the history behind those anima, nor could he imagine his creations’ future. Weaving through the present and the past, this book creates a world where humans co-inhabit alongside a group of powerful automaton robots. Fun, intriguing and nearly impossible to put down! I loved reading this book.” —Katherine Rose, Edwardsville Public Library, Edwardsville, IL

 Why try the audio? In this science fiction thriller, Wilson engages listeners in alternating between two stories: in the present day, we meet anthropologist who finds a hidden message within a centuries-old mechanical doll; in 1725 Russia, we meet the subjects of that message, two human-like mechanical beings called avtomats. With action-packed storytelling in both the past and the present, Wilson demonstrates his robotic expertise as technological secrets challenge the very notion of reality.

Advance praise for THE CLOCKWORK DYNASTY:

“A thrilling mix of influences, much like Sylvain Neuvel’s Sleeping Giants (2016) and HBO’s Westworld, that creates a captivating scenario begging for many sequels.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“This is science fiction at its best—thoughtful, challenging, beautifully written, and astonishing.” —Booklist Review (starred review)

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