Featured Titles Audiobooks Inspire Nail Art

In my free time I enjoy creating interesting nail art designs and while I am often inspired by a holiday or season, I find that our titles provide the perfect inspiration.

frankenstein nail

MAN MADE BOY is an original and unpredictable title that motivated me to create this design. Jon Skovron’s blend of characters from myth and legend with a real-world setting makes for an entertaining listen that’s full of twists, surprises, and humor. Boy, the son of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride, falls for Sophie and Claire, the granddaughters of Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde. The author does an excellent job of narrating this smart, funny, romantic, story that tackles a very current question; what is the difference between us and machines.

super nailSUPER which is written and read by Matthew Cody is perfectly paced with nonstop action and suspense. It’s a mystery-adventure tale that celebrates superheroes and comic books and I was inspired to create some comic book theme nails to go along with this title. Just like the title says, this is a super tale that will captivate listeners and Matthew Cody does a wonderful job of creating vivid descriptive voices for each of his characters.

I enjoyed listening to the THE PALADIN PROPHECY and one of the minor aspects in the story has to do with school so I was inspired to create a school theme with graded papers, and pencils. This Young Adult fiction debut from Mark Frost, Paladin nails the co-creator of the hit TV show Twin Peaks and this title features many of the elements that made that show such a phenomenon. Riveting action, suspense, mystery, and the supernatural. Nick Chamian reads this title with intensity which coupled with the fast moving pace is sure to grip reluctant readers from the beginning. Plus, THE PALADIN PROPHECY has huge cross-over appeal as it’s a sophisticated adventure that will hook listeners to the very end. I am looking forward to ALLIANCE and I know many listeners will want to know what happens next.

HOOT nailHOOT by Carl Hiaasen was the first young reader novel this popular adult author wrote and it won a Newbery Honor; it’s easy to see why. This recording will have you hooked from the beginning—it has mystery, humor, adventure, friendship as well as a great message about taking a stand for what you believe. Jodie's Owl Pumpkin The owl sounds are so cute and I thought why not try an owl design and I even decided to carry it over to my pumpkin carving. AudioFile praises “Hiaasen has crafted a delicious screwball comedy for all ages–and Chad Lowe’s performance is a hoot.” I am looking forward to Hiaasen’s next novel SKINK coming in June 2014.

HalloweenTANGLEWOOD_TERRORSet at Halloween with an urban legend feel, THE TANGLEWOOD TERROR by Kurtis Scaletta is a parody of and tribute to pulp-era horror stories; it’s a literary mystery that’s not too scary. It’s perfect to listen to all year long as Everette Plen does an fantastic job.

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