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As Far As Your Brain Is Concerned, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’
By Melissa Dahl
This question — whether or not listening to an audiobook is “cheating” — is one University of Virginia psychologist Daniel Willingham gets fairly often…If, he argues, you take the question from the perspective of cognitive psychology — that is, the mental processes involved — there is no real difference between listening to a book and reading it. So, according to that understanding of the question: No, audiobooks are not cheating. Read the full article.
Is listening to a book ‘cheating?’
By Valerie Strauss
Ever since audiobooks began to gain in popularity more than a decade ago, this question has been raised: Are kids who listen to assigned books rather than reading them actually cheating? Is reading a book anywhere near the same thing as listening? In this post, cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham asks and answers these questions…
“Cheating” implies an unfair advantage, as though you are receiving a benefit while skirting some work. Why talk about reading as though it were work? Read the full article.
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