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“I made it to work on time!” “My shoes match my outfit.” “I spelled ‘quinoa’ correctly on the first try!” Upon walking into the Penguin Random House offices on Tuesday, November 3rd—the on sale day for LITTLE VICTORIES by Jason Gay—employees were greeted by an anything-but-little book jacket, where we could anonymously share our own teeny triumphs via colorful post-it notes. Whether celebrating getting to work sans subway, or successfully assembling a crock-pot meal, these “little victories” elicited immediate smiles of recognition from all who read them, because after all, isn’t it often the littlest things that can have the biggest impact on our day? Jason Gay sure thinks so. Thank goodness he has shared his “Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living.” The perfect pick-me-up listen…

We all need to hear a little anti-advice sometimes.
Little Victories

“Jason Gay’s rules for living will make you laugh out loud, and also make a whole lot of sense. This is an advice book that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all the more valuable for it.”—Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit

“It’s a title for everyone, not just sports fans, and all will root for Gay and his ‘little victories’ and feel inspired, too.”—Booklist

LibraryReadsMake-Great-ListensLibraryReads review: “This was a quick, enjoyable read that offers a refreshing perspective on some of the trivialities we all find ourselves caught up in. I enjoyed the tone and humor throughout…”—Lindley Homol, Chesterfield County Public Library

A popular Wall Street Journal sports columnist, Gay brings his trademark wit in his very own voice to an irreverent anti-advice book that is a hilarious and, at times, surprisingly poignant listen. It’s not a guide for how to lean in, tidy up, master your money, change your diet or be 10% happier. Instead, LITTLE VICTORIES is a short and brilliantly funny audiobook about the less glamorous things (like surviving Thanksgiving with your in-laws, life with small children, dealing with aging parents, navigating the workplace), the little victories, as it were, that make up our everyday lives.

Jason visits the “tiny fishing village of New York City” to talk about RULES:


RobertLITTLE VICTORIES is BOT Rep Robert Haddock’s November Pick!
I loved this audiobook. It’s slice of life stories written from Jason’s hysterical point of view. My favorite chapter was Jason’s chapter on stress in which he puts stress in three different categories:

First: Actual Stress: Traumatic Health Event, Suffering of a Loved One, Workplace Termination, Bear Attack, Hawk Attack, Bobcat Attack, sitting in the middle seat of an airplane.

Second: Perceived Stress: Heavy traffic, Public Speaking, Job Interview, Oveflowing Toilet, Dallas Cowboys football.

The third is not stress: Boss hasn’t returned email, putting, Netflix is buffering, They’re out of French Vanilla, Anything to do with fantasy football.

The fun continues throughout the audiobook.

We agree! Click here to learn more about the audiobook.

Want to hear more from the author? LISTEN to him on the podcast Beaks & Geeks:

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