Listen & Learn—Incorporating the Audiobook

Research indicates there are many educational benefits to audiobooks:

  • Audiobooks build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronunciation, and comprehension—skills that often boost reading scores.
  • Audiobooks help learners develop critical-thinking and active-listening skills, and listening together allows children to become collectively engaged in a shared story in a manner that promotes a sense of intimacy and human connection.
  • Sketchnoting: Visual Note Taking
    Sketchnoting is creating a personal visual story as one listens to a speaker/audiobook or reads a text. As you play Full of Beans or Turtle in Paradise, have young listeners illustrate symbols, sayings, or favorite scenes that stick out in their minds. Periodically pause the audio to share drawings/notes. Students can compare their drawings with each other and talk about what inspired them.

For more audiobook-related activities,

View and download the Sound Learning infographic here.


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