6 Librarians on How They Promote Self-Care

Besides recommending the perfect audiobook for any occasion, librarians also schedule classes, art shows and book clubs for the public to enjoy. As mental health has become a common topic of conversation, many librarians have started putting self-care programming into rotation. In honor of National Library Week, we asked some of our librarian friends how they help their patrons practice self-care at their libraries.

“Students at our school are encouraged to be part of how the library operates. I employ students in the form of community service to help in many aspects. Although this was not an intentional mindfulness program per se, I believe this allows students to be more active members and patrons within our library and reduce the stress level that can accompany those who may feel uncomfortable.”–Dianne, Jefferson County Open School Library

“Self-help, mental health and health in general are important topics for our patrons in Boulder—we are a pioneer city in many areas of wellness, and so they expect information on the topic in all formats: print and audio among them. I try to “overbuy” in audio meditations.”
Terzah, Boulder Public Library

“We have chair yoga, storytime yoga and kids yoga which I will be teaching beginning this June. We also have meditation classes, wellness classes, health fairs and healthy cooking classes.”–Alexa, Algonquin Public Library

“We have yoga, meditation, Tai Chi classes for the public, and puzzles in the public area and in the staff breakroom.”–Joanna, Pikes Peake Library District

“We have “brain break” stations where patrons have everything they need to color, draw, play mega blocks or play simple games like checkers.”–Lesley, Perry Meridian Middle School Library

“We partnered with health and wellness coordinators at two large state office complexes to offer get back into reading programs to re-start quiet time and sustained reading with weekly goals—it helps make self-time and combat digital brain.”–Donna, Timberland Regional Library


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