Meet the Team

Cheryl Herman

Cheryl Herman is the Marketing Director for BOT & Listening Library. She began her career in book publishing with the literacy agency, Curtis Brown, Ltd. shortly after graduating from Williams College. She has been marketing to public libraries and schools for nearly 20 years, the past 13 of which have been focused on audiobooks. In that role, she helps libraries to create a strong audiobook culture so patrons know they have choice when it comes to enjoying their favorite authors. In 2009, she launched the Guys Listen initiative with Jon Scieszka, former National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, which helps motivate guys to become lifelong readers. In 2011, she created Kids & Bullying: Audiobooks for Conversation , a resource site that includes lists of titles dealing with bullying as well as insightful interviews from the likes of Jay Asher, Laurie Halse Anderson, and Emily Bazelon. On a personal note, Cheryl often misses her subway stop to work while listening to her new favorite audiobook.

Jodie Cohen

Jodie Cohen is the Senior Marketing Manager for Listening Library. While Jodie has always been an avid reader her interest in publishing began while she was interning at Giannino Stoppani, a children’s bookstore in Italy. Jodie is fluent in Italian and returns to Italy as often as she can to see her friends (and eat gelato). In 2008, Jodie joined Listening Library where she has worked on a number of initiatives to promote literacy including Guys Listen, Audiobooks & Literacy, and DiscoverAudiobooks. Jodie loves working with librarians and teachers, and sometimes she paints her nails to match her favorite new title.

Jennifer Rubins

Jennifer Rubins is the Marketing Manager for BOT & Listening Library and has been listening to audiobooks since she learned to read (turning the page when she heard the chimes!). Jen has devoted herself to supporting the art of storytelling in some shape or form for as long as she can remember. After graduating from Binghamton University with a degree in English and theatre, she performed as an actress in theatres & schools around the country, including educational & literature-based theatre where she led Q & A’s with students after performances. Jen studied Shakespeare at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford and is a proud member of Actors Equity. She first discovered her passion for publishing while working as both a copy editor and author of reading comprehension books. Jen couldn’t be more thrilled to bring her passions for books, actors, and storytelling all together with Books on Tape where she’s always excited to connect with libraries and listeners!

Kristen Luby

Kristen Luby graduated from George Washington University where she majored in English and minored in Psychology. After several internships in the publishing industry, she joined the BOT & Listening Library marketing team in May 2013. She is quickly developing a love of audiobooks and her desk is disappearing under the stacks of books and audiobooks she plans to eventually read or listen to. Kristen spent many happy afternoons at Middletown Public Library in her hometown of Middletown, New Jersey and she is very excited to be working with librarians to help patrons discover their new favorite audiobook! She likes just about every genre, but especially enjoys reading historical fiction and looking through cookbooks for new recipes to try out.

Stephanie Grossman

Stephanie Grossman is the Marketing Associate for BOT and Listening Library. After graduating from Marist College with a B.A. in English Literature and Writing, and a minor in Business, Stephanie first began her publishing career in subsidiary rights at Simon & Schuster. A couple of years later, she took an opportunity to work at a real estate tech start-up, but missed the publishing industry terribly. In her spare time, she started doing freelance book marketing and publicity for a few indie publishing companies before joining the BOT and Listening Library marketing team in May 2014. Some of Stephanie’s fondest memories from childhood include running OPAC system searches for scary stories on the bone white mid ‘90s Apple computers at her elementary school library. She’s also a lifelong listener—you can often find her listening to audiobooks, podcasts, public radio, and to what other people have to say (she loves good conversation). Her favorite genres include literary, nonfiction/personal essay, science fiction/fantasy/horror, and slipstream. Stephanie is also a creative writer, keen on thunderstorms, and can’t wait until she can get a dog (it’ll be a while).