Audiobooks Support Common Core

Raise Your Standards and Turn Up the Volume with Audiobooks


Sharon Grover, head of the Youth Services Department at the Hedberg Public Library, and Lizette Hannegan, a 22-year-veteran of elementary and middle school libraries and as the district library media supervisor, highlight how audiobooks support Common Core State Standards.

For many years, educational leaders have been making the link between listening to audiobooks and developing enhanced literacy skills such as fluency, comprehension, and increased vocabulary. Astute teachers and librarians have been integrating audiobooks into their lesson plans to help engage struggling readers, level the playing field for English Language Learners, and slow down those voracious readers who just don’t take the time needed to read slowly enough for thorough comprehension.

With the advent of the Common Core State Standards, teachers, librarians, and parents are wondering if audiobooks can be seamlessly incorporated into lesson plans with these new standards. The answer is an emphatic yes! Click here to read more about how audiobooks support CCSS.

Here are detailed examples of how you can use audiobooks by grade level:

Grades K – 2 Grades 3 -5 Grades 6 – 8 Grades 9 -12

Common Core State Standards require students to compare and contrast from various sources. Create your own pairings or use the titles below as a supplement to texts you are already using to provide a different point of view.

Classic Cultural Diversity Family/Friendship History Mystery Poetry Science

CCSS Text Exemplars Adult Titles with YA Appeal

Helpful Downloads and Links:

Letter for Administrators Letter for Educators Letter for Librarians Letter for Parents

Official site for the CCSS

The National Governors Association

Common Core Educator Guides from Random House Children’s Books

Core Curriculum Lesson Plans from Penguin Young Reader

45 states have adopted CCSS, check this map to see if your state has.

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