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  • Novellas & E-Shorts on Audio
    Even if your patrons are short on time, these e-shorts on audio pack plenty of punch and are perfect to tide over faithful fans as they wait for the newest listens from their favorite authors.
  • April '15 BOT Releases
  • Irish Authors
    What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than by listening to stories by some of Ireland's greatest authors? These lads' and lassies' audiobooks are as special, unique---and maybe even as lucky---as four-leaf clovers.
  • Hear Powerful Words from Inspiring Women
    These remarkable women will inspire listeners with their moving stories and words of wisdom.
  • Summer '15 BOT CD Drop-Ins
  • Spring '15 BOT CD Drop-Ins
  • Listen While You Craft
    No matter their creative outlet of choice, productive patrons can keep their hands free for crafting while hearing the latest listens from their local library. Short stories can be “sew perfect” to get a little done each day; sparkly listens from favorite authors can entertain ears behind an easel; delicious listens add spice to kitchen creativity; and narrative nonfiction can act as the glue that keeps readers riveted to any crafting project for hours on end.
  • March '15 BOT Releases
  • Swoonworthy Romantic Listens
    From contemporary love to historical romance to paranormal lust, make sure you're sitting down when you hear these swoonworthy listens!
  • 2015 ALA Award Winners (BOT)
    BOT is excited to announce our ALA award winners on audiobook. Share these remarkable listens with your patrons.