History and hijinks collide in a hilarious new series from acclaimed author Steve Sheinkin. Historical figures have overheard students saying "history is boring"-and now they've decided to quit history!

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, PRO WRESTLER: When Abraham Lincoln overhears a classroom of kids saying "history is boring," he decides to teach them a lesson. Lincoln quits history--to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler! Now step-siblings Abby and Doc have to convince Lincoln to go back to Springfield, Illinois, accept the presidency, and prove once and for all that history is not boring!
     ABIGAIL ADAMS, PIRATE OF THE CARRIBEAN: When First Lady Abigail Adams decides there's more to life than doing chores in the White House, she escapes to become a Caribbean pirate. Can siblings Abby and Doc fix history before things get too mixed up? Or will they be the ones who need to be rescued?
     Using his in-depth knowledge of famous historical figures, Sheinkin has created exciting adventures with historical figures going AWOL, hilarious trips through time, and totally true fun facts about each subject. For example, Lincoln did actually love wrestling and is honored in the Wrestling Hall of Fame, and female pirates did rule the high seas in the early 1700s!