A remarkable series of audiobooks, featuring distinguished twentieth-century American poets reading from their own work. A first in audiobook publishing--a series that uses the written word to enhance the listening experience--poetry to be read as well as heard. Each audiobook includes rare archival recordings on cassette and a book with the text of the poetry, a bibliograohy, and commentary by J. D. McClatchy, the poet and critic, who is the editor of The Yale Review.

"Hearing poetry spoken by the poet is always a unique illumination. This series opens our ears to some of the most passionate utterances and enthralling performances ever recorded."--Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize winner, Poetry

"There has been a great need for a well-edited audio series for poetry, with high literary and technical quality. J. D. McClatchy has filled this need with great style."--Robert Pinsky

Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) Although she wrote less than many of her peers, the evident mastery of her poems secured for Elizabeth Bishop a leading position in American culture. Praised from the start for their clarity, wittily observed details, and tonal control, the descriptive surfaces of Bishop's poems reveal dark, abiding mysteries. She is the true successor to Robert Frost. Bishop refused to allow recordings of her work. Still, the archives have yielded a rare and generous series of readings, released here for the first time. This is a recording that will enthrall her many fans and illuminate her poetry.